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Allgäuer Kuh auf der Weide

We are "ECHT nachhaltig"

In September 2021, we became the first restaurant on Lake Constance to be awarded the "ECHTnachhaltig" (sustainability) certificate by ECHT Bodensee.

Together, we are shaping Lake Constance as a sustainable vacation region and living space for locals - with regional food, dishes made from fresh ingredients, the smallest possible ecological footprint and respectful interactions with our employees and partners.

Familie Winter erhält mit dem Strandhaus die Auszeichnung ECHTnachhaltig Bodensee
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Seasonal ingredients grown locally

We source all our meat exclusively from regional free-range farming. In addition, we offer mainly regional beverages, e.g. Meckatzer beer, wines from Lake Constance, the organic lemonade "Seezüngle" from Härle in Leutkirch, "Lindauer" fruit juices and spirits from the distilleries Gierer, Trautmann and Steinhauser. We get our vegetables mainly from the island of Reichenau. All dishes are fresh and homemade, we do not use convenience.

Meat from species-appropriate farming

In the case of our Special Cuts, it is in fact hand-slaughtered meat from the "Sontag" butchery in Kißlegg. All our other meat we purchase from the butchery "Buchmann" from Grünkraut near Ravensburg. We use Buchmann's LandSchwein raised in a species-appropriate manner, PrimaRind from Allgäu grassland farming, the animal-friendly and sustainable Alpigal chicken from Upper Swabia and ostrich meat from the Waldburg ostrich farm.

Vegetarian and vegan

Although we are a designated grill and barbecue restaurant, we offer both vegetarian and vegan dishes. Our guests can put together all the dishes themselves - so we offer maximum flexibility and individuality in the selection.

Healthy nutrition

All of our dishes are homemade - from the pasta and our burger buns to sauces and chutneys. We have always deliberately avoided convenience and use fresh products of the best quality. On our menu, all components of the dish can be put together yourself, and for meat, the portion size can even be selected to the gram.

Appreciation of food

We were the first restaurant in Lindau to introduce "Too Good To Go". By doing so, we prevent food waste. The BBQ Method uses the "nose-to-tail" principle to process the entire animal. Thanks to our customized menu, our guests can order exactly the amount they want to eat. In addition, we offer our guests to take leftover food home - most recently also in the "ReBowl" returnable containers.

Waste reduction

Waste reduction and waste separation have always been important to us. For the past two years, we have consistently used only deposit-bearing and reusable "ReCup" cups for coffee-to-go. These can be returned in almost all cities and regions throughout Germany. Recently, we also started offering food in the "ReBowl". With our CAMP&DINE service, meals are delivered in insulated boxes on regular tableware - and therefore completely waste-free.

Energy efficiency and green electricity

We use 100% green electricity from the Lindau public utility company and have also been awarded an official environment certificate. Back in 2010, we already installed an active heat recovery system in our cooling unit in order to generate most of the hot water for the dishwashers with the waste heat from our cooling units. In the spring of 2021, we also purchased the latest generation of a large Winterhalter dishwasher, which condenses the steam that rises when it is opened, thus recovering hot water for the dishwashing process once again.

Respect for water

We keep our fresh water consumption as low as possible by using the latest dishwashing technology and state-of-the-art dishwashers. In addition, wherever possible, we use environmentally friendly professional cleaning agents, for example based on lactic acid. By purchasing an environmentally friendly steam cleaning device, we were able to almost reduce our need for cleaning agents by half.

Respect for our Employees

Through our innovative opening hours, we have created the most employee-friendly jobs in the restaurant industry: Because all employees have the whole weekend off, the schedules are particularly family-friendly. In addition, we pay above-average salaries for all positions as well as all overtime (which is unfortunately not everywhere the case). More than 20 employees work for us all year round.


The Beach House can be accessed by wheelchair via flat ramps at both entrances and is therefore recommended as "wheelchair accessible" in various directories for disabled people and people in wheelchairs. There are no doorsteps or obstacles in the restaurant either. Diagonally opposite the restaurant (at the reception of Park Camping) is a barrier-free toilet with Euro key, which may be used by our guests.

Short supply chains

We have always had only a few, selected suppliers from the region, through whom we obtain all our fresh produce. Through sensible order management, we prevent unnecessary delivery trips by our suppliers. Thanks to the short distances within the region, we reduce our ecological footprint and strengthen the local economy. As a grill and barbecue restaurant, we are particularly focused on species-appropriate animal husbandry.

ECHTnachhaltig Leitfaden Gastronomie

What makes us sustainable? In this document you will find all the information you need about sustainability at the beach house.

ECHTnachhaltig Bodensee Broschüre

You can find more information about "ECHTnachhaltig" in this info brochure.

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