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Grillrost mit Flammen und Feuer

The Barbecue Academy

Learn to grill and barbecue with Klaus Winter

For more than 20 years you can take grilling seminars in Klaus Winters BBQ Academy. Refined, varied and always with a pinch of humor.

(Almost) everyone can grill sausages and steaks - but only very few can prepare a varied barbecue menu. This is exactly what you can learn from us: After our grill and barbecue seminars you will impress your friends, family and guests with multi-course, interesting grill menus.

About 1,000 participants from Germany, Austria and Switzerland take part in the various barbecue courses every year. In addition to allround seminars, in which a multi-course menu is prepared throughout the day, there are also various special seminars: Smoker seminars, Premium seminars, Sauce seminars, Wild seminars, Special Cut Days and Vegetarian Barbecue seminars.

Klaus Winter is not only known for his TV show "Winter grills", but was also an expert speaker on the subject of barbecue at the DEHOGA Academy in Bad Überkingen for many years.

Portrait von Klaus Winter am Grill
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