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Gedeckter Tisch im Restaurant Strandhaus

Give away a gift voucher

Give a beach house voucher as a gift! Be it a cappuccino on the terrace, a barbecue buffet or our candle light dinner - the person receiving the gift can use the voucher for all our offers. The gift voucher can be loaded with your desired credit and retains its respective residual value until it is used up.

Pick up at the Restaurant

Would you like to pick up a voucher directly from us? With pleasure! During our opening hours vouchers are available at any time and without notice in our restaurant.

Have it sent


Fill out the form and specify your desired value.


Please transfer the voucher amount + 3,35 € (for registered mail in Germany) or 5,20 € (for registered mail in Austria) by prepayment to our account:


Give away a voucher and be happy!

Winter+Winter GmbH

IBAN: DE29 7315 0000 1001 6601 64


Please take note of the following information:

  • We send the vouchers only by registered mail. This way, the voucher is insured in case it gets lost in the mail.

  • If you order more than one voucher, you have to pay the postage per voucher. For logistical reasons (weight of the letter) we cannot send two vouchers in one envelope.

  • As soon as we have received the total amount, the voucher will be sent. Please note that we currently send the vouchers twice a week (Tue + Fri). In very urgent cases, we recommend that you collect them from the restaurant.

Order form

Where should the voucher be sent?

The recipient address is in...

Thank you very much!

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