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Südstaaten Barbecue - Foto von Phinehas Adams

Southern BBQ Buffet

Every Friday evening

starting from 17:00

Southern-style sweet potato soup

Salads from our salad bar

"Jack Daniels" smoked salmon

Stuffed Louisiana leg of lamb

Beef Brisket cooked over a beechwood fire

Pulled pork neck according to an original recipe from Tennessee

Beer can chicken with Cajun flavours

Glazed Kansas City Ribs

Grilled corn on the cob

Baked sweet potatoes

Grilled BBQ cabbage

Classic "Mac and Cheese" southern style

Smokey BBQ sauce

Tomato and jalapeno chutney

Habanero chili paste

Peach and shallot relish

Peanut parfait with smoked pineapple salad

44.50 €

per person

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